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10/12/2015 - The ILLBuster software will be presented during an ending-project event.
It will take place on January 29, 2016 at TISCALI Auditorium (Loc. Sa Illetta SS 195, Km 2,300 09122 Cagliari, Italy).
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13/11/2015 - The ILLBuster system was presented at the ILLBuster Workshop

02/11/2015 -

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Buster of ILLegal contents spread by malicious computer networks

ILLBuster is a project funded by the European Commission (DG-HOME) within the programme "Prevention of and Fight against Crime". The goal of the project is to develop an integrated information system for the semi-automatic discovery of illegal activities over the Internet. The system is aimed to be a valuable tool to be used by LEAs for their activities of prevention of and fight against cyber-crime.

The developed system consists of:

  • the main engine aimed to detect and blacklist malicious internet domains.
  • a set of intelligent peripheral-services that inspect web pages hosted by malicious domains and look for illegal or dangerous material.


These intelligent peripheral-services are able to detect child sexual abuse images/videos/material, malware and phishing activities. The resulting system will first identify malicious domains through an analysis of the DNS traffic, then it will locate malicious contents hosted by such domains, and finally it will report suspicious URLs to LEAs, so that the illegal domains can be easily identified and persecuted.

A peculiar feature of the proposed system is that it will be “legally compliant” by design, as all the legal issues which regulates its operation and use will be considered since the first stage of its development. The ILLBuster project is leaded by the PRA Lab of the University of Cagliari and has a duration of 24 months (starting from February 2014).



Fast-Flux Threat Map now available!

Developed by PRA Lab for the ILLBuster project